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Mr. Konstantinos Paleoudis
Athletic Director

Mr. Konstantinos (Gus) Paleoudis began working in Emerson in December of 2000. In May, 2000, he graduated from Kean University with a degree in Physical Education with a concentration in Athletic Training. While working in Emerson as a full time athletic trainer for the last 14 years, he returned to school to earn a Master's degree in Exercise Science and Rehabilitation. He later earned his supervisor's certificate from New Jersey City University and was hired in 2014 as the new Athletic Director and Athletic Trainer, and looks forward to many healthy and successful seasons for Emerson student Athletes.

 Athletic Office Contact Information

Gus Paleoudis: Athletic Director / Athletic Trainer

201-599-4178 x 1720

Jill Dunican: Athletic Administrative Assistant

201-599-4178 x 1721




Becoming a member has its benefits.  Please read our registration carefully and don't forget to sign up for our many volunteer opportunities this year. Remember if your athlete earns a Varsity Letter will need to have done the following 2 things to have your student-athlete be our guest  ( free of charge) at the  Annual Varsity Dinner on Tuesday, June 6, 2023, at Seasons In Washington Township.

1. You must be a paid registered member of  the PFA 

2. Volunteered at one of our  PFA events 

* Senior Families...  in order for your student-athlete to be eligible for our scholarships you must be a member and fulfill your volunteer requirement. 


We will be offering the 7th and 8th grades to join our organization.  Any paid member who has an athlete compete in a middle school sport this school year will be the PFA's guest at a Middle School Athlete BBQ at the end of the year.  This will be ONLYfor Middle School Athletes.  Date To Be Determined. Emerson will be offering the following sports: girls' volleyball, boys' and girls' basketball, and boys' and girls' track and field.


Summer 2023 Blackout Weeks: July 1 thru July 8, 2023   and  July 29th  thru August  5, 2023.

NJIC Athletics Website

2022-2023 Coaching Staff


Click Here for ALL Sports Schedules 


Attention(New procedure as of 2020-2021):

Please remember to update your student athlete’s information for the upcoming school year. Please log into your Genesis Parent Portal account and update all relevant information, under the Forms section. All physical forms need to be signed by the physician and physically handed into the nurse. All forms are located in the same program, just click and print and bring them to the doctor’s office. Please remember all the proper forms are located below. No substitutions of the forms will be accepted. If you are having trouble getting an appointment with your pediatrician, please contact the athletics office and we will discuss your options. 


 Please follow the instructions below to fill out all forms necessary to participate in a sport:

Step 1:

Log into your Genesis Parent Portal with your username and password.

Step 2:

Under the Forms tab, click on the "Sports Participation" link. This will open the mandatory sports participation forms and videos that must be completed in their entirety. You will not be able to submit a partially completed form, and the forms will not be saved upon exit. Please take the time to thoroughly complete all the sections.

Step 3:

Please follow the steps in the "Physical Evaluation" section. Copies of these can be found HERE Please submit all 4 pages of your pre participation physical evaluation forms to the nurse's office. These must all be signed by the student athlete, parent/guardian, and physician.  

Step 4:

Students need to complete their baseline concussion testing. We will be using Sway Medical going forward. Download ‘Sway Medical’ from the App Store or Google Play.  At the bottom of the log in screen it will ask if you have a code, which is where you will enter the code given to you by our office. You then set up your profile and launch the test. The code only lasts 36 hours. If it expires email and we will reissue you a new code. There are 3 to 5 tests in the protocol to complete. It is 15 minutes long maximum.

Things to consider when taking the test:

·  Keep the volume on

·  Read the instructions prior to initiating each test.

·  Eyes are closed during all tests.

·  Keep the phone flat against your chest when performing each aspect of the exam

Step 5:

The Nurses' Health History Update Form can be found under FORMS in Genesis.  It must be completed for the Winter and Spring seasons only, as the STATE requires us to have an update every 90 days since the date of your last sport participation.

Step 6:


Please submit all 4 pages of your pre participation physical evaluation forms to the nurse's office. These must all be signed by the student athlete, parent/guardian, and physician.

Optional Voluntary Student Accident Insurance:  EHS offers this low-cost, parent-paid policy to cover any sports-related injuries.  The Emerson Board of Education does not have athletic injury insurance and is not responsible for injuries that occurred while playing a sport.   The Voluntary Student Accident Insurance is optional and is recommended if your current policy does not provide sufficient coverage for athletic injuries for your child.