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Emerson Junior-Senior High School is a comprehensive six-year institution of secondary education located in Emerson, NJ. The small-school size creates unique opportunities for partnership with learners, and tailored instruction that meets student needs. Teachers build relationships that enable them to appropriately challenge each student. Students are given the time to explore ideas in depth and demonstrate understanding in ways that evidence deep thinking and mastery. Teachers use varied instructional strategies to foster a learning culture where intellectual curiosity, initiative, and perseverance are valued. Beyond core academic knowledge, Emerson students develop the foundational skills and dispositions requisite for lasting success in their post-secondary lives.


Our school community values the academic, emotional, and social development of each student. The school works jointly with faculty, parents, and students to create a bold, student-centered culture of continuous improvement and professional growth. The school maintains common high expectations governed by the core belief that each young adult can be successful in our school. This belief directs all decisions on student course scheduling, instructional decisions, and professional development. Our community celebrates its tradition and diversity, ensuring that all school members feel welcome, accepted, and part of the school’s steady growth.